Monday, 04 March 2024
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Feasibility studies and Baseline Surveys

Our firm carries out baseline surveys, and feasibility studies for our clients in the field of agro-business, livestock production and marketing.After analysing the data gathered under various studies, the firm compiles the necessary reports as required by the clients and submits them within the set deadlines. The firm also undertakes studies on carbon sequencing projects, and all other aspects of agro-forestry. 

Noble usually conducts feasibility studies/ analysis at times when clients are considering significant change in their present operating situation because one purpose of conducting the analysis is to avoid costs associated with making a wrong decision. The studies usually entail two major phases: An analysis of directly influencing factors and an analysis of environmental conditions. They also seek to provide basic information required to determine the economic viability of the proposed enterprise. 
Baselines studies are usually conducted to provide information base against which monitoring and assessment of activities/ progress and effectiveness during implementation and after the activity is completed. Data collection is usually conducted through Participatory Rapid Assessment (PRA) and other related participatory approaches (PLA) at the group or community level to ensure proper information gathering.