Thursday, 30 November 2023
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Products and Services

Farm Planning and Management

We offer specialized service in the fields of farm planning, especially in mixed farming in smallholder agriculture. Further our firm provides training in aspects of farm management, for both large and small-scale farmers. Large and small-scale farmers face serious problems in this complex and dynamic production and marketing system. These farmers often make management decisions without fully considering such components as cost of production, financing, market demand, associated farm risk, and profitability of return on investment. Knowledge about and integration of all levels of production and marketing systems are required to improve profitability and viability. 


Project Cycle Management (PCM)

We offer specialized services in project planning and implementation. We also specialize in monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects.  Through the PCM approach which is a well-established and proven method for the identification, formulation, implementation and evaluation of projects and programmes. Through PCM we identify, formulate (appraise), implement and evaluate projects and programmes mainly related to rural development.

Aspects of programming, identification, formulation, financing and evaluation are well coordinated and managed to ensure desired impact based on client expectations.