Thursday, 30 November 2023
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Products and Services

Environmental Impact Assessment and Related Studies

Our firm has retained fully registered and approved environmental auditors and assessors. In this respect, we undertake environment impact assessment and audit studies (EIAs) for our clients as required by NEMA, and follow up to ensure the client gets the necessary certification. 

We also carry out studies on all environmental conservation aspects related to farming and agro-business as a whole. 
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a core aspect of environmental and planning work undertaken by Noble. EIAs are routinely required for larger development projects which we ensure to deliver and process approval and certification. Other specialist inputs are provided by specialised independent consultants depending on the expertise required for the specific project and environment.

Impact Assessment

Our firm specializes in impact assessment studies, thereby providing our clients with the necessary tools and information to make the right decisions regarding either completed or ongoing projects/programs.

In developing countries, development applications are inevitable and often these development applications involve land which has originally been allocated for agricultural purposes. 

Noble engages in providing agricultural impact assessments which provide the authorities with relevant and objective information pertaining to the anticipated positive and negative agricultural impacts associated with the project, together with appropriate management and mitigation measures in order to enable decision-makers to promote sustainable development.