Thursday, 30 November 2023
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Business Development Services

The firm promotes the development of businesses through provision of technical and managerial services to upcoming entrepreneurs in the field of agri-business.

Creating a viable value-added agricultural business involves finding an idea or opportunity in the marketplace and then building a viable business to take advantage of the opportunity. This requires going through a process or series of steps. Although this is not a hard and fast process, there are steps that you need to take – and you need to take them in order. 
Noble provides these services through the following steps/initiatives to ensure success of many of the agri-businesses engaged in i.e. Maximize internal efficiencies, opportunity scoping, resource situation assessment, technical and economic feasibility assessment and preparing for implementation.
Noble seeks to support value-adding business initiatives that allow producers to be rewarded for performing activities that have traditionally been performed by others downstream or fulfil a need downstream that has never been met. Value adding initiatives have the potential to improve producer’s revenues and impacting positively on income levels which will result in reduced poverty levels in target communities.