Thursday, 30 November 2023
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Capacity Building

The firm specializes in capacity building for organized farmers groups, associations, cooperative societies and other institutions dealing in commercial production, processing and marketing of coffee, tea, horticultural crops, livestock and food crops.

The main objective of the capacity building programmes is to enhance the capacity of the farmers to produce more quality food through efficient use of limited resources (land, water, labour, etc.) and earn more per unit area per unit time. Noble usually prepares rigorous frameworks with feedback mechanisms that guide effective capacity-building activities which particularly target women and prioritize topics on climate-friendly agriculture. 

We engage various stakeholders to identify training needs and develop appropriate materials to address these needs, and where appropriate assist in modifying training materials as needed. The capacity-building plans developed are usually consistent with country/regional needs, particularly on climate-friendly agriculture. Noble usually conducts tailor-made trainings based on client specifications and also scheduled trainings as developed internally. We ensure that credible curriculums are designed for the learning processes for farmers and oversee the translation in local languages, and help conduct the courses in the target areas.