Thursday, 20 June 2024
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backgroundNoble Consultants Company is one of the regional agricultural and rural development consulting firms founded in 2003. The core business of the firm is providing consultancy services in the agricultural sector. Noble have twelve year experience in Kenya’s Agricultural sector which has provided the necessary exposure required by our range of clientele. The core members of Noble, together with the associate network, offer a wide spectrum of services to the agricultural industry in East Africa. Members of Noble and its network are to be found at the forefront of the provision of professional services to farmers, companies, municipalities, state departments, public bodies, financial institutions, insurance assessors, advocates, attorneys and others.

In many cases the company has been asked, not only to advise but also to put into action the plans devised. Noble proven ability to do this has led to more demand for services it offers and an ever widening scope of accumulated knowledge and experience.

Our values are uncompromising professionalism in all aspects of our consultancy services, building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients, endeavouring not only to meet the clients’ expectations but also to execute them whenever possible within the agreed time and financial budgets and providing quality services. Our services to both public and private sectors covers institutional reforms, restructuring of policies, environmental audits, capacity building in small and large coffee producers, monitoring and evaluation of projects after their implementation.

Many agricultural consultants have specialised in niche areas but the following range of services is indicative of the wealth of expertise available within Noble.

  • Project Cycle Management (PCM)
  • Farm Planning and Management
  • Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Related Studies
  • Feasibility studies and Baseline Surveys
  • Capacity Building
  • Business Development Services
  • Certification of Commodities
  • Business Financial Services

We have a well-developed project monitoring and management system. Work progress is regularly assessed and compared with the work plan. Variances are investigated on time to ensure that project performance is on schedule.

Financial controls are maintained to ensure that all expenditure is approved in advance. 

The Noble organization structure is made up of three main organs: the Membership (that constitutes the Annual General Meeting), the Board of Directors(that oversees the operations on behalf of the membership and also receive, hold and administer funds and property), and the Management (headed by the Managing Director and charged with day to day operations, management and administration).